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Las Vegas, NV – In a personal injury case that I handled a few years ago, my client was rear-ended by a driver who was intoxicated. The other driver laid approximately 80 feet of skid prior to crashing his vehicle into her’s. The other driver’s vehicle went underneath my client’s vehicle causing considerable undercarriage damage. The other driver then fled the crash scene.

My client was able to locate the driver’s vehicle at a convenience store nearby. A few hours later, the driver, reappeared. The police administered a preliminary breath test with results of 0.076% BAC. The driver admitted to being involved in the crash, however, was not charged with DUI. My client began to experience considerable back pain the next morning. She went to the emergency room and was treated and discharged. My client continued to experience back pain, so she commenced further medical care.

Car Accident Injury

At the conclusion of her treatment, her medical bills were over $21,000.00. The other driver’s automobile insurance policy limit was the Nevada state minimum of $15,000.00. A demand for the $15,000.00 was sent in. Since my client’s medical expenses were more than the insurance limit, it seemed reasonable that the insurance company would tender it.

Get this, the insurance company offered $735.00 to settle the case. This was clearly an unreasonable offer. I filed a lawsuit, and only then did the insurance company offered to settle the case for the policy limits. While we could have obtained a verdict in excess of policy limits, and really stick it to the insurance company, my client desired to settle. With other forms of insurance coverage and negotiation of the medical expenses, my client received compensation.

The point of this is that you need an auto accident lawyer on your side after an accident. This story demonstrates that the insurance company will not treat you fairly. Even as an attorney, the insurance company was trying to get by on a low ball settlement. You can be sure they will do the same to you if you are not properly represented by a personal injury attorney. Are you prepared to take them to court by yourself?

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