Why You Need A Great Personal Injury Lawyer

According to reliable statistics, about 50% of all automobile accidents occur at intersections. What is the reason for this and what rights do accident victims have in such situations? Read the paragraphs below for details on how accident victims can get legal assistance before filing claims.

Do Not Assume Other Drivers Will Give the Right-of-Way

If you are crossing through an intersection, you must watch out for drivers who are bent on not yielding an inch to anybody else. These drivers pose a clear and present danger to other road users. It is hard to know if the non-yielding drivers are completely ignorant of traffic rules, selfish or impatient. It is possible that some of the drivers in the non-yielding category are intoxicated, stubborn or very much in a hurry. One smart way to look out for people who might run red lights or use intersections the wrong way is to look at their tires and not at their cars. This is because the tires will tell you which way they are likely to go.

Exercise Caution When Turning Right on Red

If the intersection does not prohibit right turns when the light is red, you can turn right if you are not disrupting the flow of traffic. The problem is that some intersections make it difficult for people making the right turn to see vehicles from other angles. The best approach is to play safe. If the light is red and you need to turn right, come to a complete stop. Move forward slowly and inch into the flow of traffic cautiously. Once a safe gap appears, you can move in and continue on your way. If the conditions are not right, do not take any unnecessary risks. Just wait until the light turns green.

Malfunctioning Traffic Light Systems Increase Crash Risk

If the traffic light is out of order, the risk of a crash increases. This is because there is likely to be congestion at the intersection. Impatience on the part of drivers and a lack of knowledge on how to maneuver is also a factor here. Your best bet is to treat the intersection like a four-way-stop and move cautiously.

Pursuing Compensation Can Be a Complex Process

If you have been injured in an accident at an intersection, pursuing your claims without a car accident lawyer can be quite complicated. The insurance company may try to wriggle out of settling the claims, and this is why you should consult a competent personal injury lawyer before you file your claim.

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