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People are least likely to get injured by their mistake. It is mostly the recklessness of others which leads to injuries. If you have received injuries due to someone else’s mistake, then you are eligible to file a lawsuit for compensations and receive the settlement you deserve.

There are/is debts/financial loss which could increase because of an accident. Some of them are:

Medical Bills: Medical bills include the money you have paid for surgeries and physical therapies for the doctors to recover from the accident.

Lost Wages: Personal injuries could lead to amputations and lost body parts which could further render you unable to continue your job which you once did. If this is the case, then you can get compensated for lost wages. Similarly, you can get money for the time you spent in hospital recovering from the injuries even if you haven’t faced amputations or other severe issues.

Physical Pain: Apart from the money you spent on medical bills and therapies, you can get money for the physical pain you faced because of the accident.

Psychological Trauma: Moreover, you can recover money from the mental stress and injuries you had to face in the aftermath of an accident.

Lost Relationship: Lastly, you can file a lawsuit with one of the best personal injury law firms for money against the lost relationships. If your accident has negatively affected your relations with your wife or your children, then you can get compensated for this loss as well.

Before we dive further into this blog, I would like to say: if you have a personal injury case you should hire a lawyer to help you win your case. Apart from offering counsel, he/she will help you:

  • Create the demand letter along with the collection of evidence regarding your case.
  • Gather all the necessary evidence and compile them in chronological order.
  • Your lawyer will formulate a demand letter which will be sent to the defendant/insurance company (if they have one).
  • Prepare you for the case and guide you in the right direction for a settlement.
  • If it goes to court, they will fight for your compensation. Never to go to court with a lawyer.

Claim Settlement Duration

On average, the time it takes to settle an injury claim varies from 3 months to 8 months depending on the damage. For instance, minor injury cases like fractures and whiplash fall into the category of the cases which can be settled within this period. The cases which involve serious injuries can take more than eight months for settlement.

The settlement money which is offered by the defendant party depends on upon the damaged you have suffered. It is extremely important to consult your lawyer before agreeing on the value of your case. A personal injury attorney will discuss with your medical doctor and learn everything about your current medical conditions and symptoms. This way he will be able to come up with the actual money you should get in compensations from the defendant or the insurance company.

Take your Time with Settling the Issue

One thing which you need to keep in mind is not to rush things, ever, when it comes to personal injury case settlement. You should give a lot of time before agreeing on the compensation. This is because once a settlement is reached then you won’t be able to revert from it.

Settlement of the case totally depends upon the will of the client. Once a demand letter is offered and both the parties have viewed their cases, the defendant/insurance company will come up with a value of the injuries you have suffered. It is entirely up to you to decide if you want to settle on that amount or want more. An experienced lawyer will always help his clients get more than what they deserve so that they are holistically covered for all the problems they have faced.

Hire a Professional Attorney

It is paramount to consult with a personal injury attorney who has been actively serving clients for many years. Your choice of attorney substantially affects the amount you will receive. If you have the services of a known lawyer, then the chances are that you will get a good sum of money, in compensations.

personal injury lawyer percy martinezFor more information about the author who is a Miami personal injury lawyer, visit their website and check out their blog. Percy Martinez is licensed, and only in, Florida since 1995. Thus, the content of his writing is not legal advice but rather opinions.



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