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David P.

I was involved in a rear banger auto accident in late 2014. Not only was I recovering from a recent lower back surgery, but I also just purchased my car and I was fortunate enough to walk away from the accident and my biggest concern was my loss and how unlucky I must be. But I got straight to business and started searching for an honest/straight up attorney that’s efficient with getting the job done in a timely manner(which is something Vegas greatly lacks) and I picked from my top 3 and decided upon Mr. Okano and his team. Upon meeting them I instantly got a trusting and reassuring vibe from them. They were more than courteous and accomodating to my concerns and needs. I didn’t just feel like another dollar sign walking through the door. My car was handled with complete professionalism even when the insurance companies gave me the run around they nipped it in the butt. I got a bigger return than expected and everything was handled with finesse, no bill collectors hitting me up saying I owe anything. I went from losing one car to gaining two amazing ones and paying past debts so I also got a nice credit score boost. No complaints here. .I would recommend Mr. Okano and his team to anyone who wants a no hassle personal injury experience. Hey, you’re already hurting and pissed off so why not just focus on your recovery, and leave everything to the big dogs?