After a motor vehicle collision, taking photographs of the vehicles and crash scene is a solid method of preserving evidence. Many times, liability is disputed. Having photos may demonstrate how the collision occurred, and thus, who is at fault. The at-fault party is responsible to pay for the damages. However, the person making the claim has the burden of proving the fault of the other party.

Benefits of Taking Pictures After An Accident

Therefore taking pictures of the vehicles position immediately following the collision is important. If the other party moves their vehicle before you are able to take a picture, take a picture of your vehicle and leave a space in the photo to show the position of the other vehicle.

picture-of-a-car-crash-in-las-vegas-nvStepping back and including background detail in your picture may show where and how the collision occurred. This may include the lane painting on the street, post-collision debris on the ground, and some type of landmark.

Further, photos may demonstrate the forces involved in the impact. Therefore, one should take photographs of the other vehicles that were involved. You can always photograph your vehicle later. These photos should include a few different angles of the damaged area. Get a photo of the license plate to identify the vehicle, and one of the overall vehicle to determine vehicle model.

First Priority Is Safety

Obviously, taking photographs is only advisable if you are able to do so safely. Walking on or about the open street may subject you to the risk of being hit by another moving vehicle. Moreover, you may need to first render some aid and/or call the police before taking pictures.

In today’s world having a handy camera built into to your cell phone is commonplace. If you do not, having a simple camera in the glove compartment is a good idea.

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