Another Rear-end Accident Story from Nevada

A man and his wife from Las Vegas, N.V. were injured when their vehicle (V3) was struck in the rear by another vehicle (V2). V2 stated that it stopped prior to striking V3, but that it was hit from behind by yet another car (V1) and was pushed into V3. The man and his wife suffered serious injuries to their neck, back and knees. In fact, the man will probably need to have surgery to repair his knee.

Rear-End Car Accident Involving Multiple Vehicles

Insurance Companies Hate Paying Out

The insurance company for V1 accepted only 50% responsibility. It claimed that V2 first struck V3 causing initial injury, and then it insured, V1, struck V2 pushing it into V3, and thus caused only 50% of the injury. While V2 denied any responsibility, claiming that V2 only struck V3 after V1 rear ended it and pushed it into V3. Therefore, it was not responsible for any of the injuries. Sadly, this failure to accept proper responsibility by the insurance companies leaves the only party that is clearly not at fault, V3, to suffer and wait while the assignment of fault is worked out.

Since the insurance companies for V2 and V1 are not changing their position, a lawsuit will be filed against the two responsible drivers. In the lawsuit, a determination will be made as to what percentage of fault that each driver shall be responsible for. Irrespective as to the percentage of fault, in many cases in Nevada, an injured party may recover the full amount of his damages from any of the multiple parties responsible for the accident, so long as the injured person is not at all responsible for his own injuries.

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