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Whether a party bus, school bus, Greyhound, a bus from the airport to a casino or even a large commercial truck, these large vehicles constantly fill the roads and freeways around Las Vegas. The Citizen Area Transit alone moves thousands of people around the metro-area each day and thousands of commercial vehicles are delivering goods to locations around the valley. At any one time, there can be hundreds of buses and commercial vehicles of all types on the roads in and around Las Vegas. While most are perfectly safe, a recent crash in New Jersey should serve as a reminder that safety should always be a priority.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

A large commuter bus and a small school bus collided with one another in New Jersey. Luckily the school bus had no children aboard but the driver and another adult passenger did suffer minor injuries, according to news reports. The larger bus went off the road and crashed into a power pole before colliding with a tree. The commuter bus driver was seriously injured after his legs became crushed as a result of impact with the tree. At least 17 other people on the commuter bus suffered injuries, some of them critical.

This bus accident occurred just days after a ferry crash occurred in Manhattan en route from New Jersey. Though bus accidents may be more likely in Las Vegas than ferry crashes, both stories indicate how drivers of mass transit and commercial vehicles must be vigilant about safety. As more details about these recent crashes emerge, whether or not driver error contributed will be determined. But even if it was not to blame, drivers should remember that risk is omnipresent and passenger safety is paramount.

Steve Gnau, a San Diego personal injury attorney commented on his firm’s website about company liability in commercial vehicle accidents “In an accident involving a commercial truck, the crucial issue in obtaining a fair recovery often is whether the responsible company will be held liable. The legal term for attaching liability to a company for its workers’ negligence is respondeat superior, and where it exists, a complete recovery is more likely given the comparative coverage in corporate and individual policies.”

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