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According to the Automobile Association of America, 43.6 million Americans will travel this year for the Thanksgiving holiday. This represents a 0.7 percent increase over the previous year. The projected number of people who will travel this year on the road is 39.1 million which is a .6 percentage increase over 2011. With more travelers on the road—many of them headed to Las Vegas—the increase in traffic accidents increases. Of course the resorts and weather are huge attractions for people traveling to Southern Nevada at this time of year even if they do not have friends and family in the area. Regardless of the reason why people come to Las Vegas over the long holiday weekend, there will be more drivers on the road. Some of them will be intoxicated. Some will be distracted or disoriented as tourists often are. Some will be fatigued as the result of long drives from California, Arizona and other states.

More Drivers May Equal More Car Accidents in Las Vegas, NV

It’s All in the Numbers

More drivers may increase the risk for serious car crashes. At this time of year, as much as at any other, drivers—both local and out-of-town visitors must remember that safety should always be the priority. Not only will the Wednesday before Thanksgiving be an extremely congested time to travel. Sunday after the holiday will also see roadways jammed with drivers. Additionally, the day after Thanksgiving will see swarms of shoppers descend on malls and shopping centers throughout the Las Vegas metro area. All of these increase the chances of fender benders as well as major vehicle collisions. To avoid becoming a statistic, try to alter travel plans to avoid the most congested days, always drive the speed limit, eliminate distractions and focus exclusively on the road. Be aware that you may be on the road with reckless or negligent vehicle operators. As a result, you must be even more vigilant in your safety precautions than usual.

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