If you are injured as a passenger in a motor vehicle crash you need to take action to protect your rights. In the past, I have had injured clients in my office who had such little information about the accident that processing their claim was almost an impossible task. Don’t let this happen to you. If you are in a car crash, here is what you need.

Name, Address, Phone

First, you need to know the name, address and telephone number of the drivers of all involved vehicles. Believe me when I, a las vegas motor vehicle accident lawyer say, I have had clients who did not even know the contact information of the driver of the vehicle in which they were a passenger. So it sounds basic, but the basic information is most important. If they produce their driver’s license, it is easy to snap a photograph of it.

Proof of Insurance

Second, the insurance information of all involved drivers. This means the name of the insurance company and the policy number. Drivers are required to carry a “Proof of Insurance” card in their vehicle. This card will contain all the information. Again, it is simple and most accurate to take a photograph of the insurance card.

Photograph Any Damage

Third, if you are safely able to do so, you should take photographs of the damage to all involved vehicles. Remember to get the license plate.

The Event Number

Fourth, if the police respond, you should obtain the “event number” so a copy of the Traffic Accident Report may be obtained. Make sure that the police officer knows you were an occupant in the vehicle so that it is noted in the report. This will eliminate you having to prove you were involved in the crash, which can make it easier to deal with a car accident in the long run. Believe me, it happens.

Getting all of the above information is important in the event you need to pursue a claim for injuries. Without this information, you may be unable to prove your claim. This could result in a financial disaster. So protecting yourself simply. Take a picture of the following:

  • 1.) Driver’s License;
  • 2.) Proof of Insurance Card;
  • 3.) Photos of damage and license plates of vehicles;
  • 4.) Police Report event number.

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