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An estimated 31 million riders are hurt in bike accidents in the US every year, and around 2 million of them need to go to the hospital due to their injuries. There is no doubt that bike riding is dangerous, despite the fact that it is an environmentally friendly, fun and healthy way to get around. Of course, some accidents involve one or more cars or other vehicles too, meaning that the injuries can be even more severe.

A personal injury attorney can help you to determine whether you are eligible for damages and if so how much, if you have been hurt in a bike accident. These questions will give you some idea of what to expect:

Do I have a case if I was injured in a bike accident?

In many scenarios, it is up to the cyclist to prove that a driver was driving negligently, although the laws on bike accidents and personal injury are different in different states. A personal injury lawyer can increase your chances of proving fault and winning your case by showing that the driver of a car was impaired in some way, was distracted or was behaving with negligence.

What are my options if I feel I’m entitled to more than the amount offered by the insurance company?

Working with an excellent personal injury attorney can increase your chances of getting as much compensation as possible, although it’s important to realize that the insurance company will typically offer the lowest amount to settle. Compensation can cover damage to the bike, medical bills and emotional pain and suffering.

How do I find a good attorney?

It’s essential to maximize your chances of winning your case by working with an experienced and reputable attorney, preferably one with personal injury law experience and specifically bike accidents.

Being organized and having some idea of the process and what to expect can help to increase your chances of a successful outcome. It’s also advisable to act as quickly as possible after you have been in a bike accident – your focus should be on finding the right personal injury lawyer to help you resolve the case as quickly as possible.

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