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Rodney Okano has represented hundreds of clients in all phases of the auto accident process. Since 2001, he has battled insurance companies in court to obtain awards and settlements for injured clients. Insurance companies are looking to pay you the very least possible. He is a Las Vegas motor vehicle accident lawyer who will provide you with quality personal service to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Rodney has had the unique experience to have worked for one of the largest Plaintiff Las Vegas law firms before starting his practice. Having the exposure to the large volume of cases involving auto accidents has provided Rodney with insight to deal efficiently with the legal issues that you may now face.

In 2004 he founded the Okano Injury Law in Las Vegas, NV. Rodney has always operated with the philosophy to provide the very best legal representation and to be upfront, honest and fair with his clients. He is committed to standing up for the rights of the “everyday person” against big insurance companies and banks.

An Auto Accident Law Firm Who Protects Your Rights

Have you suffered an injury as the result of a car accident? Are you seeking justice and the full compensation in court? Talk to top auto accident lawyer Rodney K. Okano for a free consultation. While some car accidents are minor and unavoidable, most of the time the negligence of others is the cause of them. Whether it be an inexperienced driver on the freeway, drinking, and driving, or texting and driving, the good news is that any Southern Nevada resident who falls victim to such cases will have redress in court. However, you need to look for an experienced car accident attorney in Las Vegas to help you through the legal processes that ensue.

Our Las Vegas personal injury law firm specializes in auto accident injury cases and helps clients through the legal processes that result. The level of commitment and drive he gives towards each case is what allows him successfully to receive the maximum compensation for his clients. You are guaranteed customized legal services, from court representation to compensation matters. The goal of any Las Vegas car accident and injury law firm is to formulate a smart, working plan based on your individual needs, and then to represent you accordingly. Whether the case goes to trial or the parties, opt for an out of court settlement, the interest of the client should always come first.

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Step 1
Insurance Claim

Insurance Claim

The Okano Injury Law has experienced car accident injury attorneys who can handle all of the complications that come with filing your Vegas personal injury claim, helping you to get the maximum amount of compensation.

Step 2
Immediate Medical Attention

Seek Medical Attention

Being injured in an accident requires you to seek immediate medical attention, and at the Law Offices of Rodney K. Okano, we work with the best trauma injury doctors in Nevada and can get you the care you need when you need it.

Step 3
Gather and Preserve Evidence

Gather Evidence

Our Las Vegas car accident attorneys know how important the evidence is, which is why we properly, quickly, and efficiently gather and preserve the evidence needed to get you the compensation you deserve.

Step 4
Vehicle Repair

Vehicle Repair

Once we take your case, we are able help with vehicle repair and an interim rental vehicle and push the insurance company to complete their investigations in a timely manner and accept liability through the detailed evidence we provide.

Step 5


Our car accident lawyers near Las Vegas seek to get you maximum compensation for your car accident. Trust our top-rated injury lawyers to provide you with expert car accident representation to get you the compensation you deserve.

An Attorney Helping Victims

Have you just been in a car accident that left you with injuries? Are you confused and you don’t know what to do?

A top Las Vegas personal injury attorney who is available to help you if you have just been injured in a car crash. There are very many challenges that result from an automobile accident. Damage to property, injury, and conflict with the insurance company are few of the challenges that you are going to face after a car crash.

ambulance at hospital after motor vehicle accident

If you have serious injuries, you would obviously need long-term medical care. If the worst happened, you might also be grieving the death of a loved one which can be a very emotional time, making it difficult for you to make the right clear-headed decisions. If you have collided with a public bus or commercial truck, your case will have even more complications. No matter the situation, having an aggressive auto accident attorney by your side will be extremely helpful. We will help you get through complex legal cases.

Rodney has represented hundreds of people involved in accidents before. He helped these people get the best possible compensations. Due to his more than a decade experience, he knows virtually everything that needs to be done to win an injury case. When you take a close look at what he has achieved, he is clearly a man with a history of success. He has helped clients throughout Southern Nevada. When you have him by your side, you can be sure that you have the best person fighting for compensation on your behalf.

The Importance of Paying Attention to Detail After An Accident

attention to detail after car crash

The best auto accident lawyers know how important it is to pay attention to detail. They also know how important it is to be aggressive and diplomatic at the same time. A good attorney will help you gather all the resources you need to succeed. Over the years, our law firm has proved that it has all it takes to handle all auto accident cases. Here are some of the things that we have access to:

  • Leading investigators of the crash scene
  • Top medical professionals to give you the best treatment
  • Mechanical engineers and metallurgists that can determine whether the accident can be blamed on car defects
  • Experts capable of determining whether things such as dangerous road conditions or poor lighting led to the accident.
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    Amazing – Rodney Okano and his legal associate, Jackie, are super-professional, compassionate and they get results. Our outcome was juast as we hoped, with zero issues. Rodney Okano and Jackie are the best, for all of your legal needs, we have 100% confidence.

    Mike H.

    Strongly Recommend it. Great professional service. Couldn’t be more happy to help me out with my situation. Both Rodney and Jackie keep me updated on every step with my firm. Never written a review before but it was necessary to express my gratitude to him and his team. Thank you for helping us out, when we need it the most.

    Luis & Raquel G.

    I went to Mr. Okano for my legal needs and found him to be a very nice, easy going attorney who did a great job with my case. His assistant, Jackie, was amazing. She quickly answered all my questions and responded to every email…I would highly recommend Mr. Okano for any of your legal matters.

    Mark T.
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    We Have All The Resources Needed For Your Case

    If there are multiple parties responsible for your accident, we will pursue them all to ensure that you not only get compensation, but justice too.

    protect your rights after injury

    We Will Help Protect Your Rights

    Don’t get pushed around by the Insurance Adjuster. Our attorneys will immediately begin work to preserve your injury legal claim for potential damages.

    Car Repair

    Vehicle Repair & Rental Vehicle

    Get your automobile inspected by an auto body shop that is loyal to you, not one that is dependent on regular business from the insurance company.

    immediate medical attention

    Immediate Medical Attention

    No health insurance? The doctors and medical providers we work with will provide services, and reserve payment until after your case settles.

    maximum recovery for injuries

    Maximum Recovery For Your Injuries

    We fight for you to obtain the best settlement possible. Money to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage.

    Legal Representation

    Experienced Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney

    The Law Offices of Rodney Okano is located just south west of Spring Valley in the business district of Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas is the metropolitan center of Nevada consisting of a strong tourism industry and business district. The law offices great location in the valley of Las Vegas allows them to offer the best Las Vegas car accident lawyer services to all residents in the area. Directions from the Las Vegas Strip to the Okano Injury Law. Head west on W Flamingo Rd toward S Las Vegas Blvd. Continue straight to stay on W Flamingo Rd. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto S Rainbow Blvd. turn right on to W Tropicana Ave. Turn left onto S Durango Dr. Turn right onto W Russel Rd. Turn left onto S Fort Apache Rd. Directions from McCarran International Airport (LAS) to the Okano Injury Law. Head south on McCarran Airport Connector/Paradise Rd toward Wayne Newton Blvd. Keep left to stay on McCarran Airport Connector/Paradise Rd. Use the middle 2 lanes to keep right at the fork, follow signs for I-215 W/Las Vegas and merge onto I-215. Merge onto I-215. Continue onto Co Rd 215 W. Take exit 19 for Russell Rd. Merge onto Brent Thurman Way. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto W Russell Rd. Turn left onto S Fort Apache Rd.

    Insurance Claim

    Opening and maintaining an insurance claim is tricky business. Not only is it time-consuming, but it could also be damaging to your claim if not handled correctly. While providing information is necessary to process your claim, in many instances, the insurance adjuster is also looking for reasons to deny or devalue your claim. Benefit from our experience in handling your injury claim while you recover from your injuries.

    Immediate Medical Attention

    When you are injured in an accident, you want the most effective medical attention to get you well and feeling better. In most cases, your primary care physician is not the best choice. We work with the best trauma injury physicians in the city. In most cases, we can get you in on the same day. No Health Insurance, no problem. We can get you the medical attention you need with no payment until your claim settles.

    Gather And Preserve Evidence

    Winning your case requires evidence. Evidence was demonstrating fault, injuries, causation and damages. Don’t be fooled into believing that the insurance company is going to “take care of everything.” When it comes time to pay, their tone will surely change. If you wait too long, evidence could be lost. Properly preparing your case from the start is what we do.

    Vehicle Repair

    If we take on your injury case, we will also assist you in having your vehicle repaired and have a rental vehicle provided. Getting the insurance company to accept fault and pay for the vehicle repairs is not automatic. We push insurance companies to timely complete their investigation and provide them with key evidence to get them to accept liability.

    motor vehicle accident settlement


    When someone else’s dangerous driving or other negligent conduct causes you bodily injuries, they should be held responsible for paying for all the damages caused. Obtaining a money award or settlement to pay for your medical expenses, damaged vehicle and pain and suffering is what we are committed to doing. To make sure you get all that you are entitled to, we cover all of the steps from the opening of the insurance claim, obtaining the best medical treatment and knowledge of the value of your claim.

    The value of your case is ultimately determined by a jury. Since most cases settle outside of court, it is important to know how much past juries have awarded in cases similar to yours. Based on this information, a settlement strategy can be formulated when negotiating with the insurance company. If the settlement cannot be had, then a jury will ultimately determine the value.


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