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Supposedly, those using the road are meant to feel safe when there is road construction nearby, although as many of us know, the Federal guidelines for safety don’t always work as they should. You might be entitled to financial compensation if an injury or death of a loved one was caused by shortcuts or violations taken by a contractor, foreman or other construction crew member. If you are in this situation or know someone who has been injured in such a scenario, the assistance of an experienced car accident lawyer can make a big difference.

Protecting Road Users With Regulations

Road construction can make roads even more dangerous than they usually are, and because it’s such a potentially dangerous environment, just about everything about the construction industry is regulated. This regulation covers such details as the safety of merge and turn angles, the color of construction signs and exactly where they should be located.

In a typical year, almost 100,000 accidents occur in construction zones all over the US, despite the precautions and regulations. Negligence in the construction industry is responsible for many of these accidents, although of course some are caused by poor driving or pedestrians making errors in judgment. Before you submit a claim, you should have your case examined carefully by a personal injury attorney.

Does Construction Negligence Play a Part In Your Case?

If anyone employed by the construction company is determined to be negligent or at fault, you may receive more compensation than you otherwise might have done. If a car crashes and injured someone because of uneven pavement and the construction company didn’t place a warning sign or cordon off the area, it may be determined they are at fault. Site managers, foremen, supervisors, and drivers can all potentially be at fault when it comes to this type of accident, as can those working on the road itself.

Thorough knowledge of the various regulations and rules governing the construction industry is often needed by a personal injury lawyer trying to prove negligence on the part of the construction company. The impact of such an accident on your life can be huge, and you will need the assistance of a good car accident lawyer to help you deal with the process and to negotiate with insurance companies. So, what if the minor car accident is my fault?

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