Fleet Driver Training Essential to Prevent Accidents in Nevada

The financial costs to a fleet from an accident involving an employee driving a company-issued vehicle are substantial. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics, employees involved in an on-the-job accident cost their employers approximately $16,500 per vehicle crash. If the accident results in injuries, the cost of the accident increases to $74,000. However, if your employee is involved in an accident that causes the death of another person, you can expect it to cost you more than $500,000.

Education and Training is an On-Going Process

These are just a few of the reasons why Las Vegas commercial vehicle accident lawyers believe that employers must invest in driver education and training as well as continuous monitoring and evaluation of the drivers of their fleet. Every fleet company must have a clear corporate policy that clearly defines that the company will not tolerate any instances of bad driving. Rooting out bad driving must take place right in the hiring process. If the candidate has a bad driving record, do not overlook it. Further, employers can make sure that frequent driver training and education are part of every employee improvement program.

Article Summary

Regular tracking and evaluation of accidents as well as near-miss incidents involving employees are also part of an effective strategy to reduce the incidence of accidents involving your fleet. It’s not just accident data that must be collected, evaluated and properly analyzed, but also traffic violation incidents involving your employees. In all these cases, the management team must be able to analyze the causes of the incident, to reduce the possibility of future accidents. In your analysis, consider the possibility that there may be external factors that may lead to an accident, like employee stress or poorly managed schedules.

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