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A car accident is likely to leave you injured and severely traumatized. For this reason, after going through such a harrowing experience, the best move is to seek legal redress through a competent car accident attorney.

As you look around for the right legal expert, you need to consider three critical questions before you hire the car accident lawyer that is just right for your situation.

The Severity of Your Injuries

The severity of your injuries will determine how much financial compensation you get if the lawsuit is successful. Head injuries, spinal damage, and intense whiplash take many months to heal. The worst part is that you might not make a full recovery even with the best medical care available. This means you will end up spending a considerable amount of money on medical bills.

The smart move is to speak with a competent medical authority and get all the documents that are vital to your case. When you find your ideal car accident attorney, you hand these documents over to him or her. These documents are necessary because they are likely to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

The Statute of Limitations

Every state in the United States has a time limit for car accident cases. In the state of Nevada, for instance, the statute of limitations is two years. After two years, no court will hear a car accident case, and you cannot claim any damages or compensation even if the other party was clearly at fault.

The countdown begins as soon as the accident occurs. This is why you should get a car accident attorney to act on your behalf as soon as you can.

Finding an Auto Accident Lawyer with the Right Knowledge and Experience

While you can always find an attorney to represent you in court, the important thing is that you get one with the relevant experience in car accident injuries and compensation cases. An attorney with knowledge and the right skills improves your chances of winning the case.

The process of getting the right lawyer can sometimes be challenging. Below are some of the factors you ought to consider before you choose a lawyer to represent you in court.

  • Does this law firm have experts in car accidents and personal injury cases?
  • Has the attorney handled car accident cases recently? Did the attorney record successful judgments for the clients?
  • Will your attorneys explain the strategies they will use to ensure you win the case?
  • Does your attorney have a track record of success in cases like yours? Has this attorney won any million-dollar settlements recently?

Having the right lawyer on your side is the only way to ensure you get a favorable judgment in car accident cases. Rodney Okano has represented many car accident victims successfully. He has also recovered substantial compensations for these victims.

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