Early Medical Attention Following Vegas Accident Injury is Best

Personal Injuries from Motor Vehicle Accidents

Imagine that you are the victim of a car accident in Vegas, NV. A driver of an SUV crashes into the rear of your car. While your car is still operational, there is noticeable damage to the bumper and trunk. It is a stressful situation, you are disoriented from the crash, dealing with the other driver can be difficult, and the road is loud and dangerous. The police arrive and ask if you need an ambulance. While your neck is beginning to hurt, you respond, “I’m okay.” After all, you have never been in an accident before and you do not have health insurance, so you are fearful of incurring a large ambulance and hospital bill.

Personal injuries resulting from a minor car accident.

However, later that evening your neck is worse, and now your back is acting up. By the next morning, you are in a whole lot of pain. What should I do now, you may ask. My neck and back might get better in a few days, but it may also get worse. What if I am permanently injured?

In many cases, delaying medical attention can make your situation worse. Delaying medical care can result in less than optimum recovery and extend your healing time. Furthermore, documentation of injuries by a physician’s medical records is strong evidence of your legal claim. Immediate medical attention is best. Your claim for compensation is weakened in proportion to the delay in receiving medical attention from the date of the accident. Insurance adjusters call this delay a “gap in treatment.”

If you are experiencing discomfort, pain or tightness following a motor vehicle accident you should immediately seek out medical attention. The Okano Injury Law can secure you the medical care you need if you do not have your own physician or do not have medical insurance. The at-fault party is responsible for the paying the reasonable and necessary expenses of your medical care.

If you have been injured in a car accident because of the negligence of someone else, please call our Law Office during regular business hours.

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