There are different types of personal injury cases that you can be involved in; for instance dog bite injuries, product liability claims, defamation, slip and fall cases, assault, battery, medical malpractice and car accident cases among others. Therefore, for you to understand your rights in any of the cases, you should know what’s true and what’s false about these cases. With numerous myths and misconceptions about personal injury laws, some people do not file a lawsuit because of some misconceptions they’ve heard.

Common Myths Of Accident & Injury Law in Nevada

If you want to file a lawsuit, it is always advisable to contact a personal injury lawyer to offer advice and guidance on how you should go about it. Some personal injury cases are complicated than others depending on the circumstance, but it becomes easy with the help of a personal injury attorney. Getting the best personal injury lawyers will help you through the process as well as getting the compensation you are entitled to. However, you should understand that compensation differs depending on the type of case among other factors. If you are not familiar with the law or personal injury cases, hiring a personal injury attorney is the best option. However, for you to file a lawsuit, you need to know the common misconceptions about the personal injury:


1. The courts are too busy to handle personal injury laws

This is not true since personal injury claims have been settled in courts over the years. In fact, according to The National Center for State Courts, personal injury lawsuits have declined by about 25%. This shows that the courts are still settling these cases and you should not use this as an excuse not to file a personal injury case.

2. Personal injury cases are usually long and drawn out

This is another misconception that people have, and it has discouraged a lot of people to file personal injury cases thinking they will stay for long without being settled. In fact, some people believe that they may die before even getting compensated! This is not true because most personal injury cases are solved outside the court. Typically, if you file a personal injury case and you have significant evidence, you might end up being compensated dearly. Therefore, since most people and companies understand the risk, they prefer settling the case before it even gets to the court. This disqualifies the misconception that personal injury lawyers are long and drawn out.

3. Personal injury cases are easy means of making cash

This is not true because the process can be long and it requires knowledge and experience. Most plaintiffs need to hire an attorney to help them through the process at an agreed cost. The lawyer will know and advise the best course of action depending on the case among other factors. It is not as easy to get compensated especially if you don’t have a personal injury lawyer to help you through the process.

4. Personal injury attorneys are unethical

It’s not true that personal injury lawyers only care about money and they will do anything to make money from the case! Most personal injury lawyers are professional and passionate about their careers. Therefore, they believe in justice and prioritize their clients’ interests before their own. In this case, they work on contingency fees where they only get paid after the personal injury case is won. It is a misconception to think that they are unethical.

With a better understanding of these misconceptions, most plaintiffs can make up their mind, get an attorney and file a lawsuit.

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