any type of car accident get a personal injury lawyer to better assist you

A car accident is an abstract concept until it happens to you. And when it does for the first time, the accident tends to have a strangely numbing effect on the senses. It’s as if you’re in some suspended animation.

What the Car Accident Lawyer Is Up To

Amid this backdrop, a car accident lawyer is needed to make sense of what just happened. And if, say, there are injuries due to distracted driving, charges are likely to be laid. It’s precisely this driving that nets the most car crashes in the world. And yet, it’s one of those that can be avoided. For example, texting while behind the wheel or even eating are matters that can wait.


While distracted driving can often be avoided, deterring over-speeding is easier said than done. For all you know, it can be an addiction. In this type of scenario, the motor vehicle accident attorney is often called to the scene to assess the damage done and to begin the prosecution process.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Meanwhile, DUI is a hybrid of both types of neglectful driving. As such, it may either be an avoidable act or a kind of addiction. Your attorney can shed light on precisely how much damage is involved.
However, more often than not, the personal injury lawyer is called to the task after the fact. Like solving a puzzle, charges are laid. Nothing is cast in stone. No two accidents are the same.

And What About Reckless Driving?

This type of accident is akin to overspeeding. It’s driven by the rational as well as the irrational need of the individual for speed. While it may be brought about by an addiction, there can well be a very logical reason why it happened. For example, the driver may be running late for school. He or she may even be trying to save somebody. Unfortunately, the haste leads to dire consequences.

Once you start thinking that these types of accidents can happen to you, you will be in a better position to defend yourself when the unexpected takes a turn for the worse. You need to lawyer up by anticipating a mishap well in advance. Don’t just leave the Rodney Okano’s Law Firm number on the fridge magnet. It’s better to take the business card with you.

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