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Have you been Injured in a Car Accident?

There is help available if you have been injured in a Las Vegas car crash. Personal injury, property damage, and conflicts with insurance companies are only a few of the major challenges that may result from a car accident. Long-term medical care may be needed for your injuries or you may be grieving the wrongful death of a loved one. If your crash involved a collision with a commercial truck or public bus, the complications of your case may be increased. No matter your situation, you have an aggressive attorney on your side with experience in the most complex legal situations. Rodney K. Okano is the right Las Vegas Car Accident Personal Injury Law for you if you have suffered as the result of a traffic accident.

Mr. Okano is a Las Vegas personal injury attorney who has represented hundreds of people who have been injured and has won the maximum amount of compensation for many of his clients through settlement and trial. He has more than a decade of experience and a history of success. He has helped innumerable clients throughout Southern Nevada. He can help you.


Female driver waiting for police and ambulance after car acccident.

Attention to detail is important in an attorney

To be an effective motor vehicle accident attorney, extreme attention to detail, an ability to be aggressive but diplomatic, and resources that will prove crucial to success are all essential. Our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys have proven over the years that we have the skills needed to handle your case. This includes having

  • Access to leading accident scene investigators
  • Relationships with top medical professionals to provide treatment for you
  • Metallurgists and mechanical engineers capable of determining if a car manufacturing defect was to blame for your accident
  • Experts who can determine if poor lighting and dangerous road conditions contributed to the cause of your car crash

No matter what resources are needed in your case, Rodney K. Okano has them. There may be multiple parties responsible for your suffering. We will pursue them all if that means maximum compensation and justice for you.

Maximum Compensation for Accident Victims throughout Clark County

We will pursue the maximum amount of compensation if you have suffered an injury in Clark County or anywhere in Southern Nevada. No matter how complex your case — multiple vehicle accident, hit and run, under-insured motorists, drunk driving-related accident — we are prepared to offer dedicated and diligent legal representation to you. Another driver may be responsible for your accident but a vehicle manufacturer may also be partially responsible. Sometimes the most obvious parties responsible for injuries are not the only ones who must be held accountable.

If someone has behaved irresponsibly on the roadways and you have been injured, we are on your side. Not only will we relentlessly pursue the compensation you need for medical expenses, damage to your vehicle and lost wages, we may also be able to collect punitive damages that will discourage reckless behavior by responsible parties in the future

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