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Shared by cars, taxis, limousines, motorcycles, semi-trucks, pedestrians and bicycles alike, the Las Vegas Strip is home to many residents and visitors every day of the year. When you combine the dazzling sights of Las Vegas with its high traffic, bicycle accidents are bound to happen. Unfortunately, not all vehicles fare as well in accidents.

If you or someone you care about has been hurt in a bicycle accident, you can rely on the legal services of our injury lawyers, at the Law Offices of Rodney K. Okano, to fight for the compensation you deserve. We will work closely with you from beginning to end, working diligently to hold people accountable for the damages you have suffered.

Man incurs personal injury from bicycle and motorist accident.

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Due to the lack of protective equipment on bicycles, riders are vulnerable to suffering many devastating injuries in these cases, including catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord and brain trauma. Our firm will seek full compensation for you in your bicycle accident case, including compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

In addition to going after the insurance company of the driver responsible for your bike accidents, our compensation lawyers will pursue claims against other parties who contributed to your damages, including the manufacturers of defective products.

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The Law Offices of Rodney K. Okano in Las Vegas NV are committed to helping you and your loved ones get the full compensation you deserve for your bicycle accident injuries. To discuss your situation with a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas with a free consultation, contact us today.

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