Stop Creditor Harassment

Creditors are relentless and you have to know when it is time to take action to stop creditor harassment. They keep calling you again and again, pressuring you into make your payments. If they are not able to contact you at home, they may even call you at work. When endless collection calls do not get the results they want, they may take you to Court and attempt to garnish your paycheck. If you’re going through elderly bankruptcy, it can even be frightening to receive these demanding calls.

If you need relief from the endless stress and worry of financial debt and want to put an end to creditor harassment, contact the Law Office of Rodney K. Okano. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, we provide Bankruptcy and debt relief services to people throughout Southern Nevada. We have handled more than a thousand bankruptcy cases and are ready to put our experience to work for you to put an end to creditor harassment.

stop creditor harrassment

Bankruptcy Relief of Creditor Harassment

Upon filing for Bankruptcy, our clients are immediately protected with an Order for Relief (Automatic Stay) from any collection activity of creditors. This means that your creditors are prohibited from any type of harassment such as calling you, writing you, suing you, foreclosing on your property and garnishing your paycheck.

We Provide Fast Relief

We stop creditor harassment instantly. When we file for Bankruptcy on behalf of a client, we file electronically, right from our office. We can instantly generate proof of your Bankruptcy filing to stop all collection actions. We use your Bankruptcy notice to stop wage garnishment, home foreclosure and other harassing collections activity.

How Can We Help?

We are advocates for our clients. If one of our clients has a particular creditor that has been harassing them, we can fax a copy of the Notice of Bankruptcy directly to that creditor. If a client has a wage garnishment, we can fax a Notice of Bankruptcy to the client’s employer to immediately halt a wage garnishment. If a client is at risk of a home foreclosure, we can provide a copy of the Notice of Bankruptcy to put a halt to the sale of the home. Going the extra mile for each client is what we do.

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If you are sick of living in stress and worry , take action and stop creditor harassment. You don’t have to live with this burden any longer and you don’t have to go through this challenge alone. Contact our Las Vegas law office today to schedule a free consultation with a Bankruptcy Lawyer who cares. For assistance, call (702) 566-3600, or contact us via our contact form.

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