Las Vegas, NV – A Los Angeles woman (“Kim”) was involved in a parking lot accident with another vehicle while visiting a Las Vegas Resort. Since the accident occurred on private property, the police did not respond. The two exchanged insurance information. Because of the substantial damage to Kim’s vehicle, she left her vehicle in a Las Vegas auto body shop for repair. Kim reported the accident to her insurance carrier and made a claim to have her vehicle repaired. The driver of the other vehicle was injured in the accident and retained a personal injury attorney. Apparently, the attorney contacted Kim’s insurance carrier and requested permission to speak directly with Kim. Kim contacted my office because she believed that since the other driver had hired an attorney, that she needed to independently hire her own attorney.

Automobile Insurance Provides Defense and Payment of Claims

What Does Your Insurance Policy Cover?

While I was somewhat surprised to hear that Kim’s automobile insurance carrier simply passed the attorney’s request to her, for her to decide whether she wanted to talk, I was alarmed to learn about how little Kim was informed about the benefits of the insurance policy that she was paying for. Essentially, Kim’s insurance carrier left her with the impression that she was on her own in handling this claim. Not true.

Automobile Liability Insurance: An Overview

You basically get two things when you purchase automobile liability insurance. First, your insurance carrier handles any covered claim against you. This includes investigation, adjusting and defending the claim against you. This means your insurance carrier will respond to requests from the claimant, analyze the claim and negotiate or deny the claim. If a lawsuit is filed, it will provide you with a defense attorney. Second, your insurance carrier will pay, up the dollar limits that you purchase, any covered claim that you are legally obligated to pay. This includes claims for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering, whether it is a negotiated settlement or court judgment. While there are many exceptions and nuances to the above, that is basically what you get with automobile liability insurance.

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