American Women At High Risk Of Bankruptcy Due To Medical Bills

American women are much more likely to have unpaid medical debt, increasing the risks of bankruptcy, compared to women in other parts of the world. According to new research that has recently been released by the nonprofit organization, the Commonwealth Fund, approximately 26% of Americans had unpaid medical bills in 2009-2010. Medical Bills: Unexpected And Expensive That was staggeringly high medical debt, compared to women in Australia who held about 13% in unpaid medical debt. In Germany, just about 4% of women had unpaid medical bills during that same period of time. Consider All Options Part of the problem seems to be that many American women purchase health insurance coverage either under duress by the insurer, or without going through all available options. Insurers may sell plans that don’t cover many important conditions. As many personal bankruptcy lawyers in Las Vegas see, a woman with insufficient coverage may find that her insurance plan does not cover her illness, leaving her with heavy unpaid medical bills. Am I Covered? Women who are of childbearing age must be much more careful when they purchase their insurance policies and must make sure that the services that they need during these years, like childbirth, are covered in these plans. The Commonwealth Fund says that women who belong to this age demographic are at a high risk of not being able to afford the healthcare they require. Many of these women may have trouble with medical debt and, and consequently, often, they have no other option but to file for bankruptcy. The Commonwealth Fund also confirms that women are much more likely to use health care services than males, although they’re less able to afford healthcare insurance compared to males, because of their low incomes. The researchers compared the medical debt of women in the United States with those in Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Norway, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Sweden, Britain, and Switzerland.